Eagle County Fair

Well… on the way back to the beautiful Western Slope, we stopped by to check out Eagle County Fairgrounds. This will be the first time Hawg Food Fire Grill has been there and we are  excited! We have a great location and the Fair draws 15k to 20k people over the four days! Its a good thing we have a bigger smoker!


Wow! Just returned from a shopping trip to the Big D, (Denver)! Guess what we returned with? A Commercial Smoker! Pictures.coming soon! We can now smoke 12 Pork Butts at a time! That’s alot of BUTTS! Look forward to using it and having plenty of delicious Pulled Pork for Pork Sandwiches, Pork
Fusion Tacos and HayBales!
See all ya HFFG fans soon 😉