Hawg Food Fire Grill Great Carnival Food

After owning a successful contracting company and KettelKorn business for more than 15 years, Don decided to focus his energy into building a top notch concessions business. With the experience under his belt of attending and working many carnivals, county fairs, music festivals and racetracks, those experiences today are known as Hawg Food Fire Grill.

Hawg Food Fire Grill strives to improve the business by upgrading every year and takes pride in clean, fast, friendly service along with the best food at the event!

Hawg Food Fire Grill won awards at the Garfield County Fair in 2015 for Best Booth, Best Fried Food and Best Presentation! It was a great honor!


Our specialties are Smoked Pulled Pork creations and BACON! We believe that BACON makes everything better, including our award winning item, PIG IN THE HAY! Another must try is the PORK FUSION TACOS, winner of Best Presentation, Garfield County Fair 2015.

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events! Stop by and say hi!

Pig-In-The-HayClick to see Don serving up some Hawg Food Fire Grill specialties
at the Garfield County Fair (at 1:18)!


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