Hawg Food Fire Grill BBQ Carnival Food

Here is a tour of the Hawg Food Fire Grill Trailer. We hope this page will acquaint you with all the details of our equipment and food preparation features.


Please contact us directly at (303) 918-7738
if you have any questions.

  • Trailer Dimensions: Length 30′, Width 15′, Height (with banners) 24′. Dimensions increase with the optional addition of outside tables, soda dispensing machine and awning to Length 30′, Width 20′, Height with Banners 24′
  • Serving side is “street side” or the passenger right side of the trailer.
  • Hitch with a bull pen cover is on the right side of the trailer as you stand at the serving window.
  • Electrical Needs: A 50 amp, 220v circuit, with a standard 4 prong plug, non gfi.
    NOTE: We have our own on-board gfi and generator. We carry  150′ of 220v extension cords.
  • Potable Water Needs:  For soft drinks we need a standard garden hose connection.
    NOTE: We will provide 150′ of our own food grade hoses and filter.

Here are some photos that showcase the actual Hawg Food Fire Grill.
Please click on the images to enlarge.

A view of our kitchen looking towards the walk-in refrigerator.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Kitchen-View
A second view showing the main, rear entrance.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Kitchen-Area
Our heat lamp area.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Heat-Lamps
The 36" grill and our two ovens.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-36-Inch-Flat-Top
The Type-I vent above the grill.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Exhaust-Hood
The walk-in refrigeration unit and the freezer chest.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Walk-In-Refrigerator
Our Onan generator.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Generator
The food prep area.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Sandwich-Prep
Here you can see more of the food prep area and the serving window.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Serving-Area
A shot of one of our food tables that will be set up outside the truck.Hawg-Good-Fire-Grill-Outside-Table
And a photograph of the truck set up and ready for business!taggedSetAlbumId_content#x3a##x47##x47#media#x47#ext~192